Stand For San Jose

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Stand for San Jose strives to ensure that issues critical to taxpayers, jobs, local businesses and neighborhoods are put first when the City evaluates proposed development projects that have the potential to significantly reshape the City’s way of life. We are vitally concerned with the future of the City of San Jose and we seek to "Stand for San Jose."

We are especially concerned in these challenging economic times where the city budget is under extreme duress that public money not be used in an irresponsible way to profit a private business.

Stand For San Jose believes that the public interest will be put first by a vigorous and transparent public policy review process to make certain that the City’s citizens and decision makers have all of the information necessary to make informed decisions about significant proposed projects.

Stand For San Jose is particularly concerned that the City not imprudently hasten its consideration and analysis of the proposed Major League Baseball Stadium in the Diridon Area of the City. Construction of such a Baseball Stadium in the City has the potential to adversely impact neighborhoods, take away jobs, alter and potentially exacerbate traffic patterns, divert precious City resources from pressing needs such as schools, police and fire services, roads, housing and harm long-time community institutions.